Re: mime types

Albert Mora <amora iua upf es> writes:

> Hello everybody,
> today I was playing with icon thems and I found something that was
> illogical for my eyes: why the mime type for .ogg files is
> "application/ogg" and "application/x-ogg"? Tthe most logical
> (following mp3 example) should be "audio/ogg" and "audio/x-ogg",
> shouldn't it?

application/ogg is correct, and is defined in RFC 3534.  You can read
more about it here:

The basic rationale for this is that .ogg files encapsulate other data.
The actual audio codec you're listening too when you listen to when you
play an ogg file is called 'Vorbis'.  Confusing?  Why, yes it is.


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