Re: Debug with Anjuta

On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 10:48, Luis Villa wrote:
> I'd be basically fairly opposed to anything that confuses non-clueful
> users and reduces the number of bug reports we get. My gut feeling is
> that any way in which this was presented would lead to people going
> 'ooh, I can debug it!', popping up a window, and getting totally
> confused. But if someone can cook up an actual implementation that
> doesn't do that, I'd be game to at least consider it...
> Luis
Basically, that's what we want -- more people debugging and supplying
the patches. Of course, it's a different issue if you get 230 patches
for a fix of which 99% are useless .:-).

The problem with current scenario is that people are too lazy to even
look for what's happening. Most of the time, the crash bugs are trivial
fixes and not-so-non-clueless people can fix them right on the spot.

Someone who does not know programming is very unlikely to start
debugging the program. Besides, if the the sources of the program is not
available on his/her computer, it's even more less likely that you will
receive a patch from him/her. Now, only if we could prompt the user
again to send the report if this happens :).

On the other hand having a gconf key for turning on/off this thing is
not a bad idea.


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