Re: Debug with Anjuta

--- James Henstridge <james daa com au> wrote:
> Biswapesh Chattopadhyay wrote:
> >>I'd be basically fairly opposed to anything that
> confuses non-clueful
> >>users and reduces the number of bug reports we
> get. My gut feeling is
> >>that any way in which this was presented would
> lead to people going
> >>'ooh, I can debug it!', popping up a window, and
> getting totally
> >>confused. But if someone can cook up an actual
> implementation that
> >>doesn't do that, I'd be game to at least consider
> it...
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >A 'non-clueful' end-user is not likely to have
> Anjuta installed, and
> >this option would, of course, be enabled only if
> Anjuta is installed.
> >  
> >
> Once Anjuta finds its way into the major
> distributions, you are going to 
> get a number of less clueful people selecting the "I
> want to install 
> everything under the sun!" check box during the
> installation, so I 
> wouldn't be too sure about that.
> Off by default seems like a safer bet.

wouldn't the debugging files and the source code for
that build need to be installed on the machine for the
 button to be of any use in the first place? I don't
think the "install everything" feature of the major
distros are going to have either. I think anjuta or
the button itself needs to check for this before
showing the button. BUT ....

Visual Studio has this feature, and it will let you
debug everything under the sun (even the running
kernel) via the task manager (thier equivilant of
top). If the source code for it isn't present and
there isn't any debug files, it procedes to
dissassemble it into assembly at the current
instruction and the previous 20 and next 20
instructions (not of much use) and runs the debugger
on  that. If this were the route chosen, i would like
to suggest that all of it be dissasembled (of course
:) and the user receive a pop up stating this
information, and asking if they want to continue
before the debugger actually attaches itself to the
process. (VS doesn't do this) 


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