Re: gnome-vfs/GIOChannel for parsing

Hi Colin,

On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 23:04, Colin Walters wrote:

	Bonobo stream does do seeking; it also has a 'truncate' method, +
commit/revert - although having transactions in the base interface is
prolly a mistake.

> Cool, it sounds then that we are of alike minds on this.  The hard part
> is going to be getting async I/O API right.

	I personally think that having a Stream API that is not async
immediately cuts you off from it being used as a Network stream API, and
thus from being really useful for gnome-vfs / CORBA. Thus having a file
descriptor (or some more abstract source ) that you can add to a glib
mainloop seems vital to me.

	I share Jody's scepticism of having a stream that is all singing /
dancing. I'd prefer to see two interfaces: ReadableStream /
WriteableStream or somesuch - plus perhaps a seekable interface.

	It would be well worth looking at:

	for the OO.o stream APIs; particularly separating: seek/truncate/length
off into a Seekable interface is rather nice. One imagines that you
could use 'GInterfaces' to do this - assuming the performance hit isn't
too much of a problem. Some things are worth avoiding like 'available'
on the XInputStream though.



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