Re: Canvas unicode font issue in redhat8.0

Bruno Coudoin <bcoudoin anfora fr> writes:

> If you run the intltool-merge program under the default locale 
> on redhat for french which is fr_FR.UTF-8, then it fails.
> I have been able to reproduce it in the intltool/test directory.
> To compile gcompris, I have to do
> export LOCALE=C
> prior to compilation.
> BTW, I tried to contact <xml-i18n-tools-list gnome org> but got an error.
> If this adress is no more valid, then the message returned by
> intli18n-merge --help should be changed.

Yes. Kenneth Christiansen appears to be pretty busy - I think it would
be best if you'd file a bug on so that someone
remembers to take care of the issue.

> It is good to finish the year on a solved issue.


Ole Laursen

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