Re: desktop drag-n-drop

Sean Middleditch wrote:
 Of course, this has several usability implications; it could become a
guess-and-find-out affair as to what packages the desktop handles
specially (for example, if users are used to dropping a program (a.k.a.
rpm) on their desktop to install it, they might assume dropping a source
tarball will install it, versus just making an icon).

 Also, users might not want the action to happen - for example, even if
I know that images dropped on the desktop become my background, I might
want to be able to add the icon to my desktop to the document instead.

drag'n'drop usually moves the object to other place. When you hold Alt key while dropping an object, you get a menu with choices "move here", "copy here", "make a link here". For certain file types additional menu items could be added, like "use this image as background [for this folder]" for images, "extract here" for archives... I can't think of other actions ATM. Note that this would be useful for other folders not just desktop.


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