Re: desktop drag-n-drop

On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 17:38, Gediminas Paulauskas wrote:
> Sean Middleditch wrote:
> >  Of course, this has several usability implications; it could become a
> > guess-and-find-out affair as to what packages the desktop handles
> > specially (for example, if users are used to dropping a program (a.k.a.
> > rpm) on their desktop to install it, they might assume dropping a source
> > tarball will install it, versus just making an icon).
> > 
> >  Also, users might not want the action to happen - for example, even if
> > I know that images dropped on the desktop become my background, I might
> > want to be able to add the icon to my desktop to the document instead.
> drag'n'drop usually moves the object to other place. When you hold Alt 
> key while dropping an object, you get a menu with choices "move here", 
> "copy here", "make a link here". For certain file types additional menu 
> items could be added, like "use this image as background [for this 
> folder]" for images, "extract here" for archives... I can't think of 
> other actions ATM. Note that this would be useful for other folders not 
> just desktop.

::tries the alt-drop feature:: nifty!  ^,^  That would perhaps be a more
intelligent way of doing; adding menu items to that for various mime
times.  I.e., alt-drag an image to a Nautilus window/desktop to set

While it would then be a good convenience feature, I wonder if relying
on the alt-drop would be "too much" for some users (not in that they
wouldn't understand, just in that they wouldn't realize it was there -
hell, *I* didn't know it was there ;-)  This could of course be a *good*
thing, if the drop-onto-desktop idea is too non-usable.  Only, I thought
the drop idea might be a bit nice because it avoids the need of anything
other than normal-click (for example, Set Image as Background could
easily be in the context menu for the item, but I'm not too keen on
relying on *needing* a context-click, altho they should always be around
for advanced/old-skool users ;-)


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