Where is GnomeIconLoader?

I have just downloaded the source and build-dep's for gnome-panel from
debian/unstable and tried to build it.  It failed because of not
finding gnome-icon-loader/GnomeIconLoader.  I tracked GnomeIconLoader
to the NEWS file in gnome-desktop which says "Move GnomeIconLoader to
lignomeui (Alex)", so I got the source to libgnomeui-0 but there does
not seem to be any GnomeIconLoader in there.

Google GnomeIconLoader shows one mention of GnomeIconLoader in
gnome-desktop, which led me to gnome-control-center, but that package
does not install any include file mentioning GnomeIconLoader.

Google also reveals some discussion about where GnomeIconLoader
belongs but no final answer.

Google gnome-icon-loader shows the CVS commit where "alexl" removed
gnome-icon-loader.c and gnome-icon-loader.h but I could not find any
commit adding them back elsewhere.

If I need a newer library or package than the one in Debian/unstable
then please let me know where I should get it.


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