Re: Adding choice of file manager to default applications

On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 09:57:12PM +0000, Kyle Davis wrote:
> 	Just curious, but are there plans to add a setting to change
> 	default file managers in GNOME 2.6?  Possibly in the default
> 	application preferences, or if nothing else a GConf key.  This
> 	would allow alternative file managers a chance of integrating
> 	into GNOME better and would also void all excuses for leaving
> 	"nautilus" hard coded into existing GNOME applications.
> 	Currently the only way to ensure you're choice file manager
> 	will be used all the time is to symlink it to "nautilus".
> 	This is most definitely not user friendly.

You can already just change what file manager is in your session.
With GNOME 2.3.x, you can even replace only the desktop background
part of nautilus I think, as nautilus will honor a selection for
"desktop manager"

Having GUI to choose file manager isn't a good idea for the same
reason GUI to choose window manager isn't - "file manager" isn't
exposed as a user-visible term at the moment, I don't think.  It's
just a given part of the environment.


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