Getting a list of cvs modules and revision tags

I am trying to look up examples of users of html_engine_print, to see
what changes these users made in porting to Gnome 2.2.  

Gnome Cross Reference finds that html_engine_print is referenced in
gtkhtml.c:3438.  The cross reference for  gtkhtml.c gets /* Scroll
timeout handling.  */ at line 561, so I did a download of gtkhtml.c, and
found the call in gtk_html_print, but at 3285 in function

GXR found gtk_html_print Referenced (in 6 files total) in: 
      * evolution/my-evolution/e-summary.c: 
      * gtkhtml/src/gtkhtml.c: 
      * gtkhtml/src/gtkhtml.h: 
      * encompass-old/src/print.c: 
      * evolution_before_trying_to_fix_docs/mail/mail-callbacks.c: 
      * evolution_before_trying_to_fix_docs/my-evolution/e-summary.c: 

/cvs/gnome/ encompass-old/ src/ print.c referenced gtk_html_print in
function print_cb.  I was able to use GXR iteratively to back up to

Next, I tried to find examples of functions in the encompass calling
tree that were ported to gnome2.2 using some other features.  I started
from /cvs/gnome/ encompass/ src/ encompass.c, did not see anything
obvious, and went back to the tree above print_cb.

I found print.h in /cvs/gnome/ encompass-old/ src and /cvs/gnome/
encompass-htmlview/ src, but it was no help.  Other tries with GXR also
failed, so I tried downloading the latest encompass and
encompass-htmlview source trees, and searching for all occurrences of

This looks like it might lead somewhere, but I am not sure.

Is there a better way to do this?

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