Re: Making a private lib for linking

On Mon, 2003-07-28 at 01:23, James Henstridge wrote:
> >>>I recently upgraded my autotools while using jhbuild, but I discovered
> >>>Medusa wasn't making its .a private libs after that even though its
> >>>Makefile contains 'LDFLAGS = -static'.  I removed AM_DISABLE_STATIC and
> >>>all is better.  Is this the right thing to do when I'm making a private
> >>>lib to link into my main lib?  Is there a better way?
> It is probably a bug in your makefiles and/or configure script.  Other 
> packages such as Pango build fine with the newer libtool.

I think it is a bug in Medusa's  

Pango is a bad example, it never uses 'LDFLAGS = -static', to build
Nautilus and Medusa jhbuild pulled a lot of modules, but only 


contain this command.  ORBit2 does not have AM_DISABLE_STATIC in
its  I note ORBit2's libtool script made by
contains 'build_old_libs=yes' which is the switch that Medusa needs to
make libmedusa-idle.a from the the client object.  By following ORBit2's
example (no AM_DISABLE_STATIC), Medusa compiles by hand, and by jhbuild
without tinckering.

So I think this is a mistake from Medusa's past.  From it's inception,
Medusa was thought of as a library that applications like Evolution
would want to link to.  It really doesn't have such a function now.

> The AM_DISABLE_STATIC macro does exactly the same thing as 
> AC_DISABLE_STATIC (in fact it just calls the AC_ version).  These macros 
> just make --disable-static the default (rather than --enable-static).  
> So this is not very likely to be the problem.

Is there a preference for AC_, the newer, versus, AM_ the older?

> One other thing to try is building from a clean source tree -- 
> libtool-1.5 handles .lo files in a different way to 1.4.x, so if you 
> have any .lo files left over from a previous build, they could be 
> causing problems.

I did.  New checkout, And I tried it as a new user too.  That clued me
in that this problem was not related to jhbuild.  Unless someone can
give good reason, I don't think I should restore AM_DISABLE_STATIC to  The idle daemon in an anachronism from Medusa's days as a
system app anyway.  It'll be reworked/phased out in time.

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