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> From: Kurt Fitzner [mailto:kf_bulk excelcia org] 
> First of all, I'm completely shocked at the window manager 
> decision.  One writer posted, and I wholeheartedly agree, 
> that Gnome has drifted far from its roots indeed to cease to 
> encourage choice in window managers.

GNOME2 does not force you to use any particular window manager. If it seems
to in practice then it's a bug.

> The change that has been made is not so much a change in 
> functionality, but a change in emphasis and focus.

What do you have against good defaults?

> So, when neither Afterstep nor Windowmaker would work with 
> Gnome 2.2 (the session manager started the window manager, 
> but froze there and would not start anything else when I set 
> the WINDOW_MANGER var)

That sounds like a bug. Please report it in bugzilla. You can't seriously
think that a frozen desktop is what we want.

> I urge the developers and those steering Gnome to bring it 
> back to its roots.  Embrace the other window managers and 
> treat them as the valued partners they were at one time.  

There is no problem. As I understand it, the other window managers have been
embraced by creating a shared spec that they can all implement to work fully
with GNOME. And as I understand it, all window managers should work with
GNOME now mostly even if they don't implement the full spec.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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