Re: gnome-vfs/GIOChannel for parsing

mån 2003-03-03 klockan 14.28 skrev Michael Meeks:

> 	:-) I think a group of maintainers who can meet, bang heads together,
> force compromise, create a shared direction / vision and speak for Gnome
> would be a good plan - no real need for secrecy.

This sounds pretty much like the gnome-hackers list. If you want others
to have the same vision or share your direction you post mails there and
argue for your cause. Can't see how you could do this any different. 

This is what happened with the usability work for GNOME 2.0, people
shared a vision to make GNOME be better usability wise. If certain
maintainers don't agree they won't put in the effort of making it so and
the result will probably be that either there applications will be
replaced later on by applications that better fits into GNOME (following
the HIG or something) or they get forked by someone that _does_ want it
to follow the HIG (look at Epiphany vs. Galeon).

Another way that GNOME (and other free projects) evolve is that you
write your application/library, put it out for everyone to play with and
in the end perhaps everyone is using it. This happened for example with
Metacity which Havoc said several time that he wasn't going to push for
in GNOME but got in anyway since it was the WM most people preferred.

There are no "How to sneak D-BUS into GNOME"-plan out there. Either it
will have to be argued for or it will be good and people start using it
anyway. There is also the option that it won't be used in GNOME at all,
and that it will be used by Red Hat for the system bus, used by KDE as a
DCOP-replacement... who knows, we'll see.

  Mikael Hallendal
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