Release SquirrelFax 0.7

SquirrelFax is reaching maturity!

New features:
- support for HylaFax
- support for starting and stopping fax send and receive services

What is SquirrelFax?
SquirrelFax is a computer fax client, targeted at gnome office.
SquirrelFax allows you to easily manage your faxes (delete incoming and outgoing faxes, resend faxes, save faxes as pdf file, and print via gv (ghostscript's ps/pdf viewer)), send faxes from existing ps or pdf files, and send faxes directly from via a simple fax interface.
Furthermore it can read the fax numbers from your Evolution and Gnomecard address books - if you use both address books, no problem: SquirrelFax simply reads both and shows you all available numbers.

SquirrelFax is written by Wouter van Marle, and released under the terms of the GPL. The software is written in Python, so it requires a working install of Python (developed in Python 2.2, unknown about older versions - newer versions should work) with the python-gnome and libglade libraries as well.
Download from

Sorry, no screen-shots available.
The user interface is also not finalised - one major change is that I want to bring it to Gnome2. Looks a bit better I think, and has some neat extra features. By the time that is done I will also think of a homepage with screen-shots and the like.

Any feed-back is highly appreciated!
- bugs
- feature requests
- success stories
- problems

Wouter van Marle.


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