help with yelp/scrollkeeper

I am trying to install scrollkeeper docs for use with gnome help as part
of a gnome2-based project I'm writing. I created the xml and omf
following the specs from the scrollkeeper docs. I then integrated it
into my build system using the scrollkeeper docs. Everything built and
installed with no warnings/errors. But when I try to access the help
from the app I get 

"Unable to find the help files in either
/usr/share/grubconf/gnome/help/grubconf/ or /usr/share/gnome/help/. 
Please check your installation"

from the gnome_help_display error->message.

I checked and the omf and xml files are in the right place. When I do:
	yelp ghelp:/usr/share/gnome/help/grubconf/C/grubconf.xml

I get this:

warning: failed to load external entity ""

and then the yelp pops up with the doc i wrote.

When I type just 'yelp' It says:

warning: failed to load external entity ""

agian and wont list any scrollkeeper docs, just man and info pages.
Sometimes (very rare) that warning wont come up and I can actually
navigate the gnome documentation, and have been able to get to my
scrollkeeper docs.

I am running Gnome 2.2 and scrollkeeper 0.3.11 on a Gentoo v1.4 system.

This documentation has severely held back the next release of my project
and I would really like to get this working asap.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

- Joe

p.s. I sent a message to gnome-devel-list earlier concerning this issue
and i spent considerable time doing background checks on this issue and
made a little more headway but again hit a roadblock.

[ Joseph Monti ][ joe tgpr org ][ ]

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