Re: help with yelp/scrollkeeper

Joseph Monti wrote:
I am trying to install scrollkeeper docs for use with gnome help as part
of a gnome2-based project I'm writing. I created the xml and omf
following the specs from the scrollkeeper docs. I then integrated it
into my build system using the scrollkeeper docs. Everything built and
installed with no warnings/errors. But when I try to access the help
from the app I get
"Unable to find the help files in either
/usr/share/grubconf/gnome/help/grubconf/ or /usr/share/gnome/help/. Please check your installation"

from the gnome_help_display error->message.

How do you call gnome_help_display? or is the code available somewhere? The
/usr/share/grubconf/gnome/help/grubconf/ path looks highly bogus

I checked and the omf and xml files are in the right place. When I do:
	yelp ghelp:/usr/share/gnome/help/grubconf/C/grubconf.xml

I get this:

warning: failed to load external entity ""

and then the yelp pops up with the doc i wrote.

This is expected

When I type just 'yelp' It says:

warning: failed to load external entity ""

agian and wont list any scrollkeeper docs, just man and info pages.
Sometimes (very rare) that warning wont come up and I can actually
navigate the gnome documentation, and have been able to get to my
scrollkeeper docs.

This means that either you don't have scrollkeepr or that your scrollkeeper database doesn't contain anything or that it is corrupt

I am running Gnome 2.2 and scrollkeeper 0.3.11 on a Gentoo v1.4 system.

This documentation has severely held back the next release of my project
and I would really like to get this working asap.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

- Joe

p.s. I sent a message to gnome-devel-list earlier concerning this issue
and i spent considerable time doing background checks on this issue and
made a little more headway but again hit a roadblock.

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