gtk-2.2 switching screens inconsistency

Hi all,

I'm writing a gnome-panel-applet to move windows to other screens like the
gtk-demo program from gtk-2.2 can do. I started programming on a computer
(or actually two computers are needed to test since I need to move the
window to another screen) where the gtk-demo program works. 

I continued programming on a different computer, and here the gtk-demo
program does work only a little: it can switch its own window to the other
computer, but not any other gtk2.2 program... 

A gnome applet is quite useless in this situation, but also the
development is quite hard to test (I can move the applet itself to another
display, but that is a bit useless..)

Does anybody have an idea why it works for all gtk-2.2 programs on one
computer, and only for the current program on another computer? Both
computers run Debian Unstable with gtk+-2.2.1. Are there any security
settings where programs are not allowed to read X resources from other

	Olivier Sessink

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