Re: LibXML2 Indentation

On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 06:04, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-04-30 at 19:05, Kjartan Maraas wrote:
> > Daily cleanups? I know I have never had a reason to do anything manually
> > inside any xml file in all the time I've used GNOME. I don't think this
> > is a normal user case.
> Let me precise my previous explaination.
> Cleanup means cleaning up the entire homedir as I have described earlier
> I do check stuff on demand for their contents, attributes, ownership and
> date.
> Regardless to this which is the way I do things I pretty much like to to
> have a more human readable way for XML files without using a 3rd party
> tool which re-styles the content on it's GUI output to view the
> contents.

You need a tool to view files no matter what.  be it cat, vi, an xml
editor, or whatever.  Perhaps you should try using the right tool for
the job, instead of trying to force everything into your one tool (text

> And I do think this is a normal user case because at least one person
> does.. Which is me. The mistake you are making is to find suitable rules
> that fit's everyone which is not correct. It's like you would saying

"One person" is not a normal user case.  That's a one person case. 
Normal user case would be something done by a vast majority of _normal_
users, not a single experienced coder/unix-admin.  You can't in any way
honestly expect all the GNOME developers to drop and redesign large
portions of the system just for you.

> that everyone in a Skyscraper is using the Lift to go up and down and
> therefore close the Doors for the Stairway because you don't expect
> someone to use that. But in reality there are a lot of people who pretty
> much prefer to use the Stairway to go up and down for whatever personal
> reasons this person has.

Right.  And so you have access to the XML files, instead of them being
binary.  They are there to be used, just like stairs, but they take a
lot more effort than just using the lift.  We don't go turning all
stairways into escalators because people won't ride the lift, but
complain about needing to climb stairs.  ;-)

I _don't_ think XML is in any way, shape, or form the correct format for
configuration files, XML being a _markup_ language and all, but it saves
on the need to write, test, debug, and deploy a whole 'nother file
parser, which is a plus.  And that's what the people who did the work to
write the code chose.  ~,^

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