is this a bug in GtkBox ?

i'm creating a widget that inherits from GtkBox and i
want it to have the homogeneous property always be
calls to gtk_box_set_homogeneous () actually set
box->homogeneous directly like so:

      box->homogeneous = homogeneous ? TRUE : FALSE;

shouldn't it be doing something like

  GObjectClass *gobject_class =
  gobject_class->set_property (box, PROP_HOMOGENEOUS,
val, pspec);

instead so that my widget that inherits from it can
override that property and make it always true?

and shouldn't gtk_box_set_property () be calling
something like gtk_box_real_set_homogeneous() instead
of gtk_box_set_homogeneous() to set the property?

email: cwlambert76 yahoo com
 shouldn't it be calling the
GObjectClassSetFunc function pointer in the
GObjectClass struct so that i can set that in my
widget to 

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