Gnome driver for the PLplot library

Dear Gnome developers,

I am one of the developpers of PLplot, a scientific plotting library
(  This library has a rich API, includes bindings for
several languages, and has drivers for different devices/media.  I wrote a
Gnome driver for it based on GnomeCanvas, which is included in the last

I am looking for volunteers to help me carrying on this project.  The Gnome
driver is still in a experimental stage, although it works already quite
well.  This was my very first Gtk/Gnome undertaking and I consider myself as
a less-than-average programmer.  That is to say that the project needs
really help.

One of my original intentions was to allow the Gnome driver to become a
general widget, such that it could be embedded in other Gnome applications.

Before you start bugging me, I am aware of the Guppi project, but I think
that PLplot has some real interest as a library.

I apologize if I am addressing this request to the wrong forum.  If this is
the case, could you please indicate to me a better place to ask for help?

Best regards,

Rafael Laboissiere

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