Re: [gcompris-devel] Windows port Re: refresh bug in the canvas

Bruno Coudoin wrote:
Does that means also that it doesn't need gnome. Going that path, I could port gcompris to gtk since I use only the
canvas, and provide a windows version ?

Yes, I think that a windows port is feasible (though I suspect porting problems with the dynamic loading of boards). And if anybody want's to follow that road, I will happily support him/her with my advice/experience.

I'm really busy improving another piece of gtk based software on Windows ( to do it myself. But I'm sure gcompris would see a friendly welcome in my son's scool once available on Windows. How many volunteers are we able to collect?

Count on me

PS: I promised to send german voices for the country map. My first attempt with a recycled headset as a micro gave too low quality IMO (I still have the files), the cheap microphone I bought seems broken ... still trying with different audio hardware pieces.

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