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Op vrijdag 23 mei 2003 10:32, schreef Christof Petig:
> > GCompris is also availible on Freeduc (
> > ). Isn't that a
> > solution?
> freeduc/knoppix is a _great_ promotion tool but it's not a everyday
> 'solution'. I would be the first to erase that evil OS from every
> schools' computers ...

There are thoughts of an installer on Freeduc as on Knoppix...

> ... if I had not to teach them how to use it (even the prospect of
> installing a different Version of Win* would scare some teachers to death)

That's a problem of these teachers. The best thing for education is IMO to 
teach pupils using different software and not only software from 1 company 
like it's now.

> ... if the programs teachers and pupils are used to would still run
> [Wine might help]

Same remark as above. There are no reasons to use always the same software 
because software evoluates so fast that the pupils later in a company have to 
learn everything again because they only can work with software X and not 
with software Y (which is newer and used in that company). If you don't teach 
pupils to work with software X version x.x but when you teach them working 
with different software and methods to learn using new software, they 
wouldn't need to learn later everything again...


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