Re: [gcompris-devel] Windows port Re: refresh bug in the canvas

Sander Devrieze wrote:
Op do 22-05-2003, om 11:07 schreef Christof Petig:

Yes, I think that a windows port is feasible (though I suspect porting problems with the dynamic loading of boards). And if anybody want's to follow that road, I will happily support him/her with my advice/experience.

I'm really busy improving another piece of gtk based software on Windows ( to do it myself. But I'm sure gcompris would see a friendly welcome in my son's scool once available on Windows. How many volunteers are we able to collect?

GCompris is also availible on Freeduc ( ). Isn't that a

freeduc/knoppix is a _great_ promotion tool but it's not a everyday 'solution'. I would be the first to erase that evil OS from every schools' computers ...

... if I had not to teach them how to use it (even the prospect of installing a different Version of Win* would scare some teachers to death) ... if I had not to volunteer installing & administrating it (I can easily avoid being asked to admin a Windows box!) ... if the programs teachers and pupils are used to would still run [Wine might help]

Honestly I think that a Windows port would double/triple or more gcompris' usage within months. Freeduc alone is not enough to fit everybody's needs.
Compare the ease of clicking on an icon with rebooting into another OS.

A windows port would take about 40man*hours to complete IMHO.
Again I offer my proficiency but I cannot do it on my own.

PS: IMHO MinGW+GtkWin do as much good to the OSS community as does knoppix. Having a free native development environment on Win and even a cross development tool is a blessing beyond measure ;-) PPS: If nobody did it until december it looks like I will do it, but don't count on it.

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