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--- "Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro" <gjc inescporto pt>
>   Do you mind telling us what the widget does? 
> Thanks.

I don't mind at all, but getting the source code and
running the test driver would probably take less time
than reading any detailed explanation that i could
give. But here goes ...

The wrapbox widget is a container widget that inherits
from GtkBox. It allows you to pack in any number of
widgets (i use buttons in my test driver) and specify
a default minimum number of children. With these
values the wrapbox widget will then draw its child
widgets on the screen and begin wrapping them after it
either 1) reaches the minimum number of children or 2)
runs out of allocated space, it will do the one that
allows the most widgets to fit on a single line. Then
it will "wrap" to the next line and begin to draw the
rest of its children until the latter of the 2 above
criteria are reached, and thus the process begins
again untill all the widgets are drawn.

I'm supprised that this is the only response i have
recieved on the mailing list thus far. I hope it is
due to the holiday weekend. This widget has been
recieved with much enthusiasm by the people i have
shown it to so far. I hope this explination helps.

> A Seg, 2003-05-26 às 03:25, Charles Lambert
> escreveu:
> > I have created a wrapbox widget that could be part
> of
> > gtk+. There is also a test driver for it so you
> can
> > see how it works. I would like to know if there
> are
> > any key parts missing in order for it to be put in
> > gtk+. I also would like to know what steps i
> should
> > take to see about getting it put in gtk+.
> > 
> > the tar'd and gzip'd here:
> >
> > 
> > please excuse my choice of namespace.
> > Charles W. Lambert
> > email: cwlambert76 yahoo com
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Charles Lambert
email: cwlambert76 yahoo com

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