Re: A new interaction paradigm?

Hmmm, while I like the idea of selecting two files that compliment each
other (such as the .ogg and .cue file example) and having some shared
action become available I don't think this is the replacement for the
dialog box/menu/right mouse click paradigm. Also panels poping up isn't
very intuitive because the location of options change too much.  In your
printing example realy all I do is click the print button.  My paper
size is already set up, I rarely change printers, etc.  Realy what needs
to happen is a prototype be made available so that we can test it and
see if it works.  One thing that realy strikes me as good about your
approch is that it makes it easier for screen readers than a standard
dialog box.  One thing I do know is that it has to live along side
current approches to Interaction and can't just replace things point
blank.  Assuming it is better it could make GNOME the next BetaMax,
Consumer DAT or Dvorak.


On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 11:47, Maurizio Colucci wrote:
> Hello dear developers.
> It is my impression that gnome project is wilful to explore new paradigms and 
> ideas which could make Gnome unique. This might be the idea you are looking 
> for, and might turn into Gnome's new direction and killer feature. I would 
> like to have some technical opinion.
> Essentially, it is a new paradigm of interaction which obsoletes menus, 
> toolbars and context-sensitive menus.
> Pictures included.
> If you don't find any conceptual problem, I will write a prototype of it to 
> test its effectiveness.
> Thank you,
> Maurizio
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