Re: A new interaction paradigm?

Alle 12:32 AM, sabato 08 novembre 2003, John (J5) Palmieri ha scritto:
> Also panels poping up isn't
> very intuitive

Why did you assume popping up? I thought the dynamic panel has statically 
allocated space on the screen. It would be like a bigger gnome-panel.

> because the location of options change too much.  In your 
> printing example realy all I do is click the print button.  My paper
> size is already set up, I rarely change printers, etc.

Yes, but you forgot one thing: if i select the printer before other things, my 
dynamic panel will be extremely small. So there is a point in selecting the 
printer, even though you have only one.

> Realy what needs 
> to happen is a prototype be made available so that we can test it and
> see if it works.

I know. I'll work on it, but it'll take time, since I cannot work on it more 
than 30 minutes a day.

Thank you!

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