Re: upgrading an applet from gnom1 to 2.4?

Thanks very much.  But finally after several attempts, I have gotten in touch
with the gnews author.  It turns out he is almost finished with the porting,
but is only on his hard drive and not on the cvs.  I guess I'll have to look
for another job of a similar size here.  Pity, I liked that gnews applet. I
wanted to adopt it, but it already has a papa.

Thanks again,

Tom Corner

On 25-Oct-2003 Curtis C. Hovey wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 16:35, tacorner chello at wrote:
>> Is there any documentation on this subject.  I downloaded the cvs of the old
>> gnews applet and now I see it uses all old gnome-1 libraries.  Is this a
>> sensible project or should I start from scratch?  I was trying to pick an
>> easy
>> project to to introduce myself to gnome coding.
> I think you'll find most of your general questions answered from links
> at
> Porting to GNOME 2 is where you might want to start.  The other links on
> the page will help you go beyond porting to redesign the applet to
> behave like a GNOME 2 app.
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