Re: window list applet

søn, 26.10.2003 kl. 16.04 skrev Denis Yeldandi:
> I hope this is right list for this subject, and I am sorry, if this 
> issue has already been discussed.
> I got tired of window list applet behavior, so I hacked it a bit.
> Now it has two modes, the old one and "ms windows-like", in second mode 
> you just set maximum buttons size, and applet is gonna be filled with 
> buttons of that size. If applet gets too small, buttons are gonna 
> shrink. It only works in horizontal panel, so the mode is disabled if 
> your panel is vertical.
> There are patches for 4 files: window-list.c, from 
> gnome-panel; and tasklist.c, tasklist.h from libwnck.
> Please let me know what you think about that.
Please put the patches in The window list lives in
the gnome-panel product under the component "Window List Applet"


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