Re: One callback for several notifications in GConf


> 	The problem is that changes are done in groups of four (four 
> entries change at the same time) and then the callback is called four
> times at the same time but I only want one to run. I have tried to have
> a boolean value with mutexes, g_get_current_time, etc, but I cannot do
> what I want that is I only want one callback to be run (stopping the
> others from inside the callback just at the beginning is alright for
> me). Is there any way I can delete all pending callbacks?. Or should I
> use another way instead of GConfClient notifications?.
I just want to confirm that the problem is real. The callback, listening
to the directory, is being called as many times as many entries are were
saved in the directory (even if only one of them was actually changed).
I could not find easy way over it. So if you find any decent solution -
please let me know.



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