gnome-2.6 installation-order

Hello everybody!

I just upgraded my Gnome-2.4 installation to Gnome-2.6, using the
instructions found here:

This list could be updated a bit, here is my notes about it.

Packages in the list which is not included in
   o fontconfig
   o Render
   o Xrender
   o Xft
   o shared-mime-info, found it here:
   o hicolor-icon-theme, found it here:
   o libgsf
   o libcroco
   o gal

Packages which is not in the list, but is included with
   o libxklavier, gnome-applets needs it.
   o pkgconfig
   o libgail-gnome
Packages which should be installed in a different order
   o gstreamer and gst-plugins should be installed before gnome-applets

The list uses a different name than the name used in
   o gtkhtml2 should be libgtkhtml
Also it would be nice to know which packages are no longer in the gnome
distribution ie.

Removed packages since gnome-2.4
   o acme
   o gob
   o linc

Happy hacking
Martin Willemoes Hansen

E-Mail	mwh sysrq dk	Website
IRC     MWH,

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