Hiding The Toolbar on Startup without flicker

Hello All,

I'm buffeled by this situation: the Aisleriot program saves the toolbar
visibility with GConf. It uses the following pseudo code on startup:

 1 gtk_show_widget (app)
 3 if (should hide toolbar)
 4      gtk_hide_widget (... the toolbar ...)

The problem is there is a noticeable flicker if the config says to hide
the toolbar - it is shown and then hidden.

Trying to reverse those statments:

 1 if (should hide toolbar)
 2      gtk_hide_widget (... the toolbar ...)
 4 gtk_show_widget (app)

doesn't work (toolbar always visible).

I checked some gnome apps, and in file-roller for example we have:

 1 show-signal callback:
 2  if should hide the toolbar
 3    gtk_hide_widget (  ... toolbar ... )
 5 install signal handler for `show' signal

But it didnt help in aisleriot, we got the same flicker.

Any seggestions???



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