minor feature suggestions

I'm not sure this is the right place to request features, if not, could someone please point me somewhere ?

I just installed gnome 2.6 packages from debian experimental and I must say that I'm impressed, it's definitely the best linux desktop GUI ever ! After having played with it for some time, I have several suggestions to make it IMHO even better:

in spatial mode, it would be nice to be able to set the zoom level and viewing mode easily, without going through the menu. What about a minimalistic toolbar with a zoom selector and a "view as" popup ?

I'm glad that the navigation mode is still there, I hope it will be the case in future releases too !

In nautilus preferences, I would love to be able to choose to display hidden OR backup files, rather than either both or none.

It seems that it is not possible any more to search and display man pages in yelp (or is there a problem with the debian experimental package ?) This is catastrophic, please put that option back in !!!

Thank you for all the great work you've done with this release.


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