Gnome-2.6, Cant open Trashcan

Hello everybody! 

I have just upgraded my desktop from Gnome-2.4 to Gnome-2.6 and now I
cannot open my Trashcan by double left clicking on it. 

I can right click and empty the trashcan allright. 
I can open a nautilus window and choose location->Trashcan and get a
window with the contents of my trash. 

When i double click the trashcan I get this error msg: 
The action associated with "Trashcan" is invalid. 

Now what is the correct association for the Trashcan? 

BTW, I tried creating a new user and login with him, but it did not help
the problem, it is still there. 

Hope to hear from someone who knows more about this problem.

I would be glad to fill a bugreport if this is a know non filled bug.
Martin Willemoes Hansen

E-Mail	mwh sysrq dk	Website
IRC     MWH,

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