Integration of Qemu PC emulator into Gnome

Dear friends,

Are there plans to integrate Qemu PC emulator in Gnome?

Qemu is the fastest and most advanced PC emulator for GNU-Linux. When running 
recent OSes, it is only three times slower than a real PC. Some useful links:

1) The Qemu project can be found here:

2) Screenshots of Windows2k and Morphix running inside Debian:

3) A wiki providing installation tips and screenshots:

Most people are intelligent enough to understand they would gain a lot from 
migrating to Gnome. But a lot of potential Gnome users are not "bold" enough 
to forget their old Win32 environment. These people are not prepared for a 
double-boot and would like to use both Gnome and Win32 at the same time.

Therefore, providing them a transitional solution like Qemu could 
help them migrate more rapidly to Gnome. What do you think?


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