Panel applet and g_timeout problem

Hello everyone,

I'm mailing here (first post) since I have not found any solution to my
problem in the archives...
Atm I hack on a panel-applet which kind of monitors my acpi-throttle
(/proc/acpi/processor/.../throttling). For that I use g_timeout_add -
which of course works.
With one exception: whenever I remove the applet (or log out) the applet
is not completely stopped/killed. I still have the process in ps -A and
need to kill it manually.

Anybody had this before?
In case you wondered: I do have a destroy-callback which removes the
timeout via g_source_remove. This call returns TRUE, too. (So I was out
of luck there)

Am I still missing something?
Any hints would really be appreciated!

Florian Schricker

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