Re: How to start a Gnome project

On Wed, 2004-08-18 at 13:35, francex tiscali it wrote:
> Hi,
> I always used GTK+ for my own apps. Now, I wanna start a 'real' project
> for Gnome.
> In my old projects I built Makefile manually, how can I make a 'real' tarball
> with various ecc? I know GNU (and Gnome
> links) docs about autoconf etc, but it's very boring and confusing (for
> me). Is there an app that make good file confs for a gnome-project. Glade
> and Anjuta make incomplete tarball for my situation (libgnomeui, libglade,
> libxml, libintl-gettext) and Glade (for example) doesn't include .desktop
> files. Is there a system (or app:)) to edit quickly and correctly 'tarball'
> for a gnome project?

Most devs just take a similar project and copy the needed files,
modifying them where necessary.


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