Re: How To Trap fatal errors in a GTK Application.

Hi James,

Thanks for the answer,
Can you tell me how to set my own handler ?
is there any api available for this ?


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> On 23/08/04 20:01, Harsha Kodnad wrote:
> >     I have written a GTK+ application. (Gnome) When ever my 
> > application crashes a Gnome Dialog is displayed. How can I trap this 
> > fatal and segfault errors so that I can display my dialog and exit ?
> The crash dialog is called from a SIGSEGV signal handler.  If you set 
> your own handler for this, you can probably do your own thing.
> Note that if this gets called, then your app has done something bad that 
> you probably won't be able to recover from.  You'd be better off trying 
> to fix the problems that cause your app to segfault.
> James.
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