Re: GConf-question about schemas

Dnia 27-08-2004, pią o godzinie 13:28 +0200, my_mailing_lists napisał:
> I have started to read docs about GConf, but I have a big-big-doubt:
> My app uses xml2 to save datas/options (status for check-flag options,
> string in entries, etc). Is GConf-schemas useful to substitute xml2-
> lib? Or has it other goals?

Schemas are special mechanism of GConf that allows for giving some
interpretation of keys. You can think of them as meta-keys, that can:
a) specify type and name of key, so that it's known to gconf even if
b) give human readable description, ie. comments field you see in gconf-
So GConf schemas are for GConf what, well, XML Schemas are for XML ;).
Now answering your question - yes, for storing options you use can
GConf. Schemas are part of GConf, so in a way you'll be using them too.

> Sorry for this lame-question:)
Np, schemas are indeed hard to grasp at first.


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