Re: wouldn't it be better if programme's can halt shutdown to let user save documents

Dnia 20-08-2004, pi o godzinie 22:22 +0100, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
> A Qua, 2004-08-18 s 14:50, Kristof Vansant escreveu:
> > Wouldn't it be better if programme's can halt shutdown to let user save
> > documents. Or tell the apps it is shuttingdown so they can save the
> > current work temperary so the next time you boot you can reopen your
> > last work. Or does this exist and is the problem in the apps?
>   Yes, it exists.  It's called "session management"[1].  The problem
> with this is both that many applications are not supporting it and
> session management implementation being a bit buggy.

Particularly nasty is fact that Qt apps have had that (at least in basic
form) for free[1] since forever (at least Qt 2.x, dunno about 1.x). What
Qt does is to turn save-yourself request into delete-event on windows,
firing up whatever action is appropriate for exiting. This is one area
where GTK+ / GNOME apps are heavily handicapped compared to Qt users :(.


[1] At least that's what I can say from trying bunch of Qt apps, both
KDE and non-KDE ones, and every single one behaved correctly (ie, if it
had "document" notion, it halted session shutdown and displayed "save?"

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