Re: jhbuild failing

Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm commsecure com au> writes:

> On Wed, 2003-12-31 at 18:12, Don Smith wrote:
>> when I run jhbuild I get the following errors, and I have already run
>> jhbuild bootstrap
> There is a known problem with using automake-1.8 with libxml2 (as
> pointed out on desktop-devel recently). It might be fixed at some point,
> but for the time being the solution is to use a slightly less new
> version of automake (which from your point of view will require hacking
> jhbuild).

I just reinstalled automake-1.7.9 and left 1.8 installed as well,
leaving 1.7.9 as the default automake.  Seems to work, I've rebuilt
the whole tree this way.

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