level-down in nautilus

Nice to write here!

It's my first time here and my English is not pretty good, so sorry if
something is misunderstood...

I've had an idea with Nautilus. I have a file called "archive.txt" in
~/my_directory_A/my_directory_B/archive.txt. And I want to move it from
here to my_directory_A. By console this would be as easy as

	~/my_directory_A/my_directory_B > mv archive.txt ..
But using Nautlis, where the idea is the Drag&Drop, i can't do this, and
the unique option is to clic the archive, cut it, clic "one-level-down",
and paste it.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to have an icon in my_directory_B wich would
be a link to the my_directory_A so as I could drag the archive.txt te
the icon and drag teh archive there?

I think it wouldn't cost much time and it would be really usefull, or at
last, we could save a little time with it. Don't you think the same?

Thank You!!!

Luis de Pablo Abolafia

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