Re: new mime detection approach

On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 10:31, Mazzoni Perseo wrote:
> Question: if you use sniffing for recognizing file types and I have a 
> text file called myfile.jpg...if i double click it, then the file will 
> be opened with gimp (for example) and not with gedit, also if the file 
> is recognized as a "text file" by nautilus and has the appropriate icon 
> and preview. So, why use sniffing if the applications are associated 
> with extension?
> And if you like so much sniffing...why don't you make a customizable 
> option? In "sniffing mode" nautilus will sniff, in "extension mode" 
> nautilus will "recognize file types per extensions" and in 
> "sniffing+extension mode" nautilus will use both of the methods with 
> magic...
> Why don't do that?
I vote for it, too.



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