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I haven't looked at this gnome-vfs code in a while, but I suspect that you have to use regex and filename hints along with sniffing to differentiate some OpenOffice/Staroffice documents from zip files.

Also I'm not sure it is possible to determine whether a .jar file is a Java library, data, or an executable without unpacking and looking in META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

Do you have any suggestions on handling these cases?

We will probably always need a mixture of sniffing and filetype/regex for legacy documents but wouldn't it be possible to write meta-data into a cache for all gnome documents written via gnome-vfs?

A directory would contain a .vfs-meta file with something like this:
   Number of files: 3
   Number of files type-checked by gnome-vfs: 3
   myfile.jpg    type:image/jpeg     launchwith:gimp   type:video/mpeg4     launchwith:totem   type:unknown         launchwith:undefined

If the .vfs-meta file doesn't exist or the number of files in a directory doesn't match the number typechecked by gnome-vfs, you'd know you have to do some sniffing. Wouldn't this speed up thumbnailing, launching and directory browing for all gnome created files?

If only this had been done right back in 1980 :(

      regex,2: \.doc\.scr
      regex,2: \.jpg\.exe...

Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 05:43, Peter Harvey wrote:

I have no idea how the magic mime-type detection code works, but would
it be made faster by using the extensions of a file as a hint? ie. if
you are trying to determine the type of a file with .jpg extension,
first check the JPEG magic entry? This should only involve reading the
first few characters of the file.

This doesn't help. The slow part about sniffing is reading the first few
bytes of the file. You have to do several seeks on the hard-drive, and
each seek is delayed by the HD seek time and on average half a
rotational delay. This adds up to about 10-15 msecs per file, and faster
harddrives don't really make this better. In fact, Alan Cox claimed that
opening a new file takes about the same time as reading another 8 meg
from a continuous file (on modern disks).
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