Re: new mime detection approach

El vie, 16-01-2004 a las 10:12, Christophe Fergeau escribió:
> > Sniffing is just a good guess on what the user might want to do with
> > the file, nothing more and it should be threated as such, not as a
> > 100% sure way to get the mime-type of the file or as a replacement of
> > the mime-type stored in a EA.
> As it has already been told many times in these threads
> 1) mime sniffing isn't perfect, but problematic files should be reported
> so that it can be made as good as possible
> 2) since it isn't perfect, it must be easy to open a file with a user
> chosen app
> I don't really see the point of rehashing once again that mime sniffing
> totally sucks and so on while the changes made to Nautilus solves the
> potential problems caused by sniffing.

They might only solve a speed problem, and an icon movement problem. 
They still don't tackle the larger issue, which is an all-encompassing
file type and metadata architecture for Linux / UNIX systems, an issue
long shunned by developers.

When will be they day that UNIX file managers will agree on a standard
way to store and use file type metadata?  We're lacking on that.  We've
been lacking on that for twenty years.  Still nothing is done.

> Christophe
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