Re: new mime detection approach

El jue, 15-01-2004 a las 02:39, Julien Olivier escribió:
> > It would also remove the problem (mentioned elsewhere) where
> > thumbnailable filetypes aren't thumbnailed until they're clicked on.
> Which problem ?
> If your files have the right extension, they'll be thumbnailed.
> If they don't have any extension, they'll be thumbnailed too.
> The only case where thumbnailing won't work before you click the file is
> when the file has the wrong extension (for example a picture called
> pic1.txt). But do you think it's a very common scenario ?

With downloaded files and the internet, this is a more common scenario
than misdetected files.  MP3 files posing as CABs, 404 downloads, stuff
like that.  

> -- 
> Julien Olivier <julo altern org>

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