Re: I've created the GEdit replacemnt


Why in the world would you want to replace gedit?  What's wrong with it?
I've heard people say they would like a more lightweight notepad-like
editor, which is fine.  However, you clearly have the intention of
adding features like syntax highlighting (which gedit has), making it
very un-notepad-like.


On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 15:01 +0600, Victor Porton wrote:
> Hello Gnome,
> I've written for myself a simple Unicode text editor and called it
> GTK2 Text Editor (gtk2edit for short). Then I decided to distribute it.
> (version 2.0.4 - a stable release with focus
> on bug fixes).
> Please include the app into "extra" Gnome software.
> WARNING! Do not include it into Gnome core or otherwise "detach" it from
> the original Web page. Otherwise you may lost not only active *wise*
> (quality) development of this app but also a FUTURE PROGRAMMING TECHNOLOGY
> for future GTK which is INNOVATIVE and will become one of the main
> GTK/Gnome best and widely used features for rapid development of every GTK
> application. And also my other helping with Gnome.
> Now the purpose statement of this program is as follows:
> 1. Create the Gnome2 editor (to replace GEdit); 2. a simple XML/HTML
> editor; 3. Windows Notepad replacement.
> Additionally, it is to become kinda codebase for certain kinds of Gnome
> apps and for new Gnome code features.
> No syntax highlighting yet. Gnome support is yet very little (almost only
> GTK), but will be extended in the future (but --without-gnome for GTK only
> support will remain forever).
> BTW, there are BUGS and TODO files in the distribution... You can help.
> (Especially if you have experience with syntax highlighting. I would like
> to get the highlighting code from KDE's KWrite).
> Note that now a man is preparing the Debian package for it.

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