I've created the GEdit replacemnt

Hello Gnome,

I've written for myself a simple Unicode text editor and called it
GTK2 Text Editor (gtk2edit for short). Then I decided to distribute it.

http://ex-code.com/gtk2edit/ (version 2.0.4 - a stable release with focus
on bug fixes).

Please include the app into "extra" Gnome software.

WARNING! Do not include it into Gnome core or otherwise "detach" it from
the original Web page. Otherwise you may lost not only active *wise*
(quality) development of this app but also a FUTURE PROGRAMMING TECHNOLOGY
for future GTK which is INNOVATIVE and will become one of the main
GTK/Gnome best and widely used features for rapid development of every GTK
application. And also my other helping with Gnome.

Now the purpose statement of this program is as follows:

1. Create the Gnome2 editor (to replace GEdit); 2. a simple XML/HTML
editor; 3. Windows Notepad replacement.

Additionally, it is to become kinda codebase for certain kinds of Gnome
apps and for new Gnome code features.

No syntax highlighting yet. Gnome support is yet very little (almost only
GTK), but will be extended in the future (but --without-gnome for GTK only
support will remain forever).

BTW, there are BUGS and TODO files in the distribution... You can help.
(Especially if you have experience with syntax highlighting. I would like
to get the highlighting code from KDE's KWrite).

Note that now a man is preparing the Debian package for it.

Victor Porton (porton ex-code com)
 http://ex-code.com - software company, custom software for low price
 http://ex-code.com/~porton/bible/ - religious books etc.

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