Re: [Usability] Keyboard layout preview in gnome-control-center

> So it almost feels that the keyboard layout should be part of the
> selection somehow ie. selecting a keyboard layout automatically updates
Yeah, and it does now - it automatically updates.
> the always visible keyboard preview, rather than manually having to
> click on a preview button to see the results of your selection. I guess
Sure. Even with the current design there is no special button - the
update is automatic. But it is just in another tab:(

> I'm not convinced that an end user has any idea what the various
> keyboard layout descriptions mean and that pictures speak louder than
> words - ok, I'm slightly biased and narrow minded with a US layout.
Well, unfortunately some details of the layout are really better
represented when they are shown. For Russian, it is punctuation
characters which matters - their placement is very different in
different variants so it is better to see the layout in order to find
whether it is "yours" or not. Just "default" or "winkeys" gives little
information on this subject.

> As to how you can present that in a user interface is another question.
Of course.


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