Re: [Usability] Keyboard layout preview in gnome-control-center


> > This is auto-generated rendering of the keyboard layout?  A little tough
> > on the eyes, but pretty cool stuff. ;-)
> Exactly. It needs some polishing - but we cannot improve it much (other 
> than smoothing edges, improve labels placement etc) - because the 
> geometry is generally described in X server geometry.

So it almost feels that the keyboard layout should be part of the
selection somehow ie. selecting a keyboard layout automatically updates
the always visible keyboard preview, rather than manually having to
click on a preview button to see the results of your selection. I guess
I'm not convinced that an end user has any idea what the various
keyboard layout descriptions mean and that pictures speak louder than
words - ok, I'm slightly biased and narrow minded with a US layout.

As to how you can present that in a user interface is another question.


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