grabbing arrow keys on toplevel window

Hi Gnome,
recently I met a problem running my application under Gnome 2.
I failed XGrabKey arrow keys on my top level window. I never
met such a problem under any other desktops.
XGrabKey(3X11) says this:
       If some other client has issued a XGrabKey with the same
       key combination on the same window, a BadAccess error
       results.  When using AnyModifier or AnyKey, the request
       fails completely, and a BadAccess error results (no grabs
       are established) if there is a conflicting grab for any

So, it seems that some other program (Gnome or sawfish) has grabbed the desired key
combination (arrow keys) on my window.

Is it possible? and how to deal with it?

Thanks. Regards. Valeriy

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